OMM Articles Logfile

Find here all technical incidents of the Online Media Monitor (OMM) in a logfile:

2017-01-10 until 2017-01-12 All media are missing technical problems
2017-02-20 Many media outlets are missing technical problems
2017-03-24 until 2017-03-30 All media are missing technical problems
from 2017-04-01 on medium “Free Malaysia Today” does not work anymore unresolvable technical problems
2017-04-25 until 2017-04-26 ABC / Spain failed date format changed
2017-05-01 until 2017-05-03 The Globe and Mail / Canada failed date format changed
2017-05-03 until 2017-05-06 Asia One / Singapore failed website template changed
2017-05-03 until 2017-05-08 O Globo / Brazil failed SSL Cert problems
2017-05-19 until 2017-05-22 The Globe and Mail / Canada failed technical problems
2017-05-31 until 2017-06-02 The Hindustan Times / India failed website template changed
2017-06-08 until 2017-06-10 all media failed power supply maintenance
2017-06-27 until 2017-06-29 nearly all media failed technical problems
from 2017-07-05 on El Pais / Spain does not work anymore SSL problems
2017-07-07 until 2017-07-10 The Independent Online / South Africa failed website template changed
2017-09-05 until 2017-09-26 au / Australia website template changed
from 2017-09-02 on The Globe and Mail / Canada SSL problems
from 2017-09-13 on The Sidney Morning Herald / Australia website template changed
2017-09-20 until 2017-09-26 Toronto Star / Canada website template changed