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The Online Media Monitor (OMM): Ongoing monitoring of the transnational online media debate on climate change

For large parts of the general public, media are the central source of information about climate change, and today people are increasingly turning to the online services offered by classic and newer media providers in order to stay informed. Therefore, analyses of online reporting are important for the understanding of how climate change is constructed in public debates.

To contribute to this goal, an Online Media Monitor for climate change will be developed. This will result in a website offering CliSAP-members access to data of an automated, daily updated monitoring of the climate debate in online media. The project will thus expand the available social-scientific data on climate change. One potential application would be an investigation of whether, and if so how, short-term temperature records affect the media attention paid to climate change.

See also further information on the CliSAP-website here.

Link to the OMM

Further information about the country and  media sample as well as the different functions of the OMM can be found here: OMM Manual German & English.

If you are interested in working with our data or have any further questions, please contact us.

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Link zum OMM

Weitere Informationen zum Länder- und Mediensample sowie zur Funktionsweise des OMM finden Sie hier: OMM Manual Deutsch & Englisch.

Wenn Sie Interesse daran haben, mit unseren Daten zu arbeiten, oder weitere Fragen haben, kontaktieren Sie uns.

Team: Michael Brüggemann (CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change), Ana Ivanova (CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change), Remon Sadikni (IA1: ICDC), Alexander Sängerlaub (CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change), Stefanie Walter (CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change), Asela Rajapakse (IA1: ICDC), Judith Pape (CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change)